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What will you need?

what you need-01

Empty Container

what you need-02

Screw Cover

what you need-03

Some Wax

what you need-05

Old Pan

what you need-04

Heat Source


Please note:

When attempting to refill your 'Butter Up' pot, please note that this is just a guide and it may* (in some cases) result in damage to the screw mechanism or not work perfectly every time.

*If your wax mix is too hard it may lock up the mechanism unless a screw cover has been used to stop the wax coming into contact with the mechanism itself (noted in the instructions below).


Step 1

  • Gather your materials. (wax/wax blocks, refill tube, old pan, wooden spoon and a heat source,
  • (optional) Remove the inner carriage and remove any excess wax.
  • Replace the carriage all the way to the bottom position and place the screw cover over the screw, all the way down to the base.

Step 2

  • Empty all the wax blocks into a pan and apply low-ish heat* & stir.
    *don’t crank it up too much! a nice slow melt is best, remember to stir.In an old pan, combine the ingredients over a low heat while stirring throughout to help mix the ingredients.

Step 3

  • Once melted, give one last stir to ensure a good mix and carefully pour the mixture into the pot. After 15 minutes, the wax should be hard enough to remove the screw cover (be gentle).Leave to cool for another 45min until completely solid.